Monday, November 9, 2015

Imperial Roman Veterans

Some weeks ago I ordered a set of Imperial Roman Veterans from Warlord Games. The value is just to great to miss out on - £16 for 20 miniatures.

The reasons I bought them were several. Firstly a couple of friends and I have started a Weird Wars Rome RPG campaign and I really wanted some minis to represent the contubernium that the players are a part of. Secondly, as readers of this blog will know, I have been looking at adapting Frostgrave to an ancients setting, which I have named Romano Mortuum. The idea from this came when Osprey broke the news about what games would be released in 2016 and here Broken Legions by Mark Latham more than piqued my interest.

Since then mr. Latham sent out a request from beta playtesters and I immediately contacted him. I was very glad to find out that I (and my gaming group) were among those chosen to playtest the rules. So this presented another use for these minatures.

The miniatures consist of 17 legionaries, a centurion, a standard bearer and a cornicen. I knew that I would never get to use the cornicen, so I decided to give him a gladius instead. The idea is to use him as a frumentarii (spy/tax-collector).

The whole set is easy to assemble and paint, so they are highly recommended.