Thursday, September 3, 2015

London Docks board update

Rant about Postal Service
Last week I sold all my SAGA The Crescent and the Cross to England. Tuesday I received notice from the buyer that all the contents were more or less smashed - especially the cavalry! Now I know that the contents was packed securely, so I was chocked. Postal service must have kicked the package around or some other crazy thing. I do not for one moment doubt the buyer, he even provided me with a picture of the carnage. So now I am left with paying him back and with two smashed warbands. I have started a dispute with the Danish postal service - and despite me having pictures of how I packed everything before shipment, I am not holding my breath on them taking responsability for their handling of the package. The buyer will return the package and I will have to see what can be salved, but this really is so frustrating as I am left with £200 worth of smashed warbands!

London Docks board expanded
Anyway this post is about me expanding my London Docks board from 3x3 to 4x4. The last couple of times Michael and I have played Empire of the Dead we have played on a winter themed 4x4 board and we both agreed that the game plays better on 4x4 than 3x3.

I therefore decided that I would expand my London Docks board, making it more dock like with numerous piers. First however I cut up two pieces of MDF, a 1x3 and a 1x4 piece. The 1x3 is nothing but water, but I created a platform on the 1x4 so that the non-pier playing surface would become larger. Both board pieces can of course be placed on different sides of the original 3x3 board, so the board has really become modular.

I came up with an excellent solution for the piers. I found a garden tile that while being a square could be cut up into four long piers. I eventually got three of them, so I now have 16 pier pieces that I can placed differently around the board.

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