Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SAGA The Crescent and the Cross - first game

Yesterday my friend Michael and I had our first game of SAGA The Crescent and the Cross. The game pitted the Mutatawwi'a against the Milities Christi. Since I was the only one who had read the rules I concentrated too much on the rules to take any pictures of the action, so all the pictures in this post were taken after the game when I had a chance to take some of the minis and the scenery.

My daughter helped me set up the board, minis, dice before Michael arrived.

As this was our first game we decided that we would play a 4pt game. Michael played the Templar Knights (Milities Christi) while I played the Ismaili Assassins (Mutatawwi'a).

Templar Knights


4 x Mounted Hearthguards
4 x Mounted Hearthguards

8 x Foot Warriors
8 x Foot Warriors w/crossbows

Ismaili Assassins


4 x Camel Mounted Hearthguards
4 x Hearthguards

8 x Foot Warriors
8 x Foot Warriors w/bow

We also decided that we would play the straight forward Champions of God scenario. The scenery bidding ended with only two woods and a rocky ground scenery item on the table - very open terrain compared to what I am used to. For our first game it was fine however.

Our game lasted for about 1½ hours and went rather smoothly. We forgot about a few rules but I must admit that I thought the rules were pretty easy to follow. The battle boards add a wonderful tactical element to the game, and more than once both of us were pondering which option we should take.

I lost my Warlord early on and that severely hampered my chances, so in the end I narrowly lost the game.

I am looking forward to the next time we will play SAGA.


  1. My goodness that does look good, awfully tempting.

  2. Lovely table and super figs! Another game on my long list of 'must-play'!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks... I do enjoy your YouTube battle reports