Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Across the Dead Earth - Gangs

After finishing my SAGA terrain and the gaming board itself, I had promised my friends that I would paint up the three gangs for Across the Dead Earth that we bought together.

Coming from painting Gripping Beast, Perry and Fireforge miniatures I must admit that these miniatures are less detailed. They are easy to paint up and this being a post-apocalyptic setting the ink effect from The Army Painter gives them the dirty look that I want them to have.

The colours are fairly dull which is intentional. For The State minis I decided to paint most of their outfit in a deep sea blue colour, which gives them a bit more colour than the all black that I first had in mind.

Next up for Across the Dead Earth is making terrain pieces of the many cars that I have been picking up in the past month. Before that I will be painting up the Empire of the Dead minis that I bought from Simon (Brummie) - 221B Alliance and some Requiem characters incl. some Kickstarter exclusives.


  1. These look wonderful and have guilted me to go in search of mine that have been left unpainted for far too long.

  2. Awesome work. They look great mate!

  3. Beautiful figures, well done!

  4. Great to get them finished! Lovely work - the basing mix is interesting too!