Friday, March 20, 2015

More minis arriving

This week has seen the arrival of my order from Firestorm Games for The Bedlam Brotherhood and Victorian Zombies.

Last week my order directly from Westwind arrived, which meant that some of the old Gothic Horror minis would be able to take the field shortly. My order was for the Hungarian Vampire Slayers blister pack (they will be used as Wulfen Jaegers) and Asylum Inmates, which will be used as regular brothers for the Bedlam Brotherhood.

The old Gothic Horror minis come with their pewter base, so I first had to cut that of. This turned out to be quite a task as some of the minis wear robes making the area that needs to be separated from the base larger and therefore more difficult to cut through. Some of the Asylum Inmates also have foot chains and have bare feet, so I had to be careful not to literally cut any of their toes of.

They have been prepared and primed here and I have started the painting of the Asylum Inmates.


  1. I love Westwind's EotD many lovely figures!

  2. I've found removing bases to be a pain and I confess I've cut a few toes off in my time. These will make great additions to those factions. The Victorian zombies paint up nice you will like them.