Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 man Fracas - Bedlam Brotherhood vs Supernatural Branch vs Nosferatu

We played a fun 3 man Empire of the Dead game yesterday on my new London Station board. It was also the first time that I would try out my new Bedlam Brotherhood faction - had been painting like a madman the entire weekend to finish them and the 10 Victorian Zombies that I recently purchased.

Since this would be a three way battle we decided to play Fracas. I set up my Bedlamites for melee combat and only equipped some of them with heavy pistols. I had Parson, Tank, Hat Man, Ninja Bob, Eat my Bear and two regular brothers whom I named White Shit and Crazy Bitch.

Chris chose to recruit Inspector Creed and Sergeant Flynn as they cost the same as an unnamed Inspector and Sergeant, but they each get two skills and some equipment basically for free. Otherwise he took 3 PCs and a Firearms Constable.

Frank, who played the Nosferatu, took a Graf, Guardian and 4 Thralls.

From the get go Frank and I found ourselves very close to each other and we knew that we would be in melee in round two. Chris meanwhile, who started a bit further away lined up his Peelers so that they would be in good shooting positions.

At the beginning of round two all hell broke loose with melee fight starting and bullets flying around. Frank and I got into 3 melees, but neither of us managed to do any serious damage. Unlike other 3 man games that I have played where you easily end up 2 against 1, all three of us found ourselves fighting on 2 fronts.

Lady Luck (not the model) then decided to favour Chris and he began to roll incredibly well. Frank and I on the other hand began to roll high for our Down models so that they were Removed from Play rather than making a recovery.

By the end of round four I had Tank and Ninja Bob left and both failed their Bravado test, so I was out of the game. The Nosferatu and the Peelers continued and after a few more rounds, Chris won the game.

Despite being soundly beaten I found the Bedlam Brotherhood fun to play and not at all outclasses against the other two factions. The London Station board also passed it's first game with flying colors, and both Chris and Frank thought that the board was well made, looked good and most importantly had a lot of variety of terrain that enhanced gameplay.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our game


  1. Looks like a fun game. Enjoyed your write up.

  2. Great looking game dude :D Nice to hear the Bedlam Brotherhood held there own.

  3. Nice report, interesting to hear the Bedlam faction did well. I have heard that they are a bit under-powered, but they are an appealing faction to me so it's nice to get some good feedback on them! The board looks great too, and sounds like it played well :-)

  4. Thanks guys. I really do think that BB has potential. If only Parson would be buffed up a bit or had a price reduction