Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Russian huts

Been working on a lot of terrain for my gaming table and my next few posts will be about the different pieces. First up are some Russian huts.

Before Christmas I saw some excellent huts on a blog (can't remember which one) as I was looking for ideas for Russian huts. I found out that they were from Pegasus and I immediately placed an order with Arcane Scenery, about a week later they arrived in the mail.

They are scaled for 1/72 but I think they will do for 28mm. The plastic kits were very easy to assemble. I did not get around to painting them until last week.

With the setting I needed to put some snow onto the roofs and I used my usual mix. I did not get a consistent look on the different roofs so I needed to go back and apply another layer.

I am also thinking about creating some burned down huts, but these will be my intact huts.


  1. Great kits and superb built and painted! How do you the snowroofs?
    With best regards

  2. Looks like some great kits, and smaller should be fine for the setting. Would the snow have melted away from the chimney though?

    1. I believe it would. The year before last winter in Denmark was extremely cold and with lots of snow. The roof of my house at the time was covered in a thick layer of snow, but there was no snow on the chimney, and it was not even in use.

      The kits are great and the detailing on the wood is very good. I gave it a base coat, a highlight, then use Army Painter Soft Tone Dip before giving it a new highlight the next day.

  3. Nice work on those kids.
    One of our fellows used them for Russia 1812 as well and converted one of them slightly. Good choice !

    1. Thanks Stefan,

      I'm thinking about buying one more of the big one.

  4. These are great huts...I use them as Log Cabins in my FIW games - gave mine thatched roofs