Monday, January 5, 2015


These figures were painted and photographed before Christmas, but I have only now gotten around to actually posting these. The photos are not the best, so I will try and take some new ones.

The mounted Cossacks are all from Perry Miniatures. The bases are made from hard wood, with a simple snow mixture (baking soda, white glue, white paint and water). They are wonderful looking figures with lots of character.

The Cossack infantry are from Westwind Miniatures. The are listed as Dracula's Cossack Guards and are part of their older Vampire Wars line. They are a bit more fantasy like than the Perry Cossacks but not much.

My painting of these are very simple, base colour, the a Sepia Wash, and a few highlights. It will not win any prices, but it gives them the rough and dirty look of a soldier that I like.


  1. Nice work. Those foot cossacks somehow remind me of older Citadel minis. Especially the bareheaded bloke. Probably not the most accurate historically, but really characterful minis those :)

    1. Cheers Samuli
      I think the models are 10-15 years old