Tuesday, July 16, 2013

EotD - Skirmish report - Lost Artifact

My 7 year old daughter had a play date today with one of her girlfriends at her, so I figured I could arrange a game with my friend Chris. We had tried the introduction scenario and I was eager to show him the full rules, especially after my friend Jon and I had had a highly enjoyable game last Thursday.

When I asked my friend which faction he wanted to try he chose Nosferatu. This gave me a bit of a challenge in terms of getting figures that could represent his faction. In the end we used a Vampire Wars nosferatu as the Graf, a Malifaux convict gunslinger as Guardian (Chris wanted him armed with two heavy pistols and that mini has that), three Vampire Wars wolfen jaeger minis stood in as thralls.
I chose the Supernatural Branch again (as in my previous game I'm using the Gentlemen's Club rules for these).

We rolled for scenario and got Lost Artifact, and ended up with the following crews:

w/two swords

w/two heavy pistols

2 x Thrall
w/sword and hunting rifle

w/sword and shotgun

Supernatural Branch
w/truncheon and heavy pistol

w/truncheon and light pistol

3 x Constable
w/truncheon and heavy pistol

w/truncheon and hunting rifle

Chris won the roll for choosing day/night and of course chose night. We placed the 4 artifact markers that we had rolled. The placement allowed both of us to reach one of the markers in the first turn, so it could be a short game if we rolled high enough.

I won the initiative and started by moving my inspector into base contact with the closest marker, the roll was a 2, so no artifact here. The rest of my peelers move up spreading out across the dock area.

Chris then activated his nosferatu, and immediately moved his graf into base contact with the marker closest to him, he rolled a 9 and got the artifact at the first time asking. Since he was already in base contact with the board edge and only 8" from his deployment zone we knew it would be a short game as there was absolutely no way I could get the graf into line of sight. The guardian and thralls moved up and we decided to play on, Chris wanted to see if he could kill one of my peelers before he moved his graf to safety and victory.

Turn 2 and I won initiative again. Knowing I was fighting a lost cause I just moved forward my inspector and into line of sight of a thrall on watch and shoot and lost a wound when the thrall hit him. My own shot at a thrall hit and he went Down, but my sergeant missed his shot.

Now it was the nosferatu activated. The thrall who had removed a wound from my inspector fired again and hit again. The wound effects roll was Removed from Play - my inspector blown away. The graf then activated and moved the artifact into his deployment zone ending the game.

The game had only lasted for half an hour and that was a bit disappointing. Since we had plenty of time left we decided to try the campaign rules and try another scenario.

Chris got 35 shillings and I got 20 shillings.

After game campaign advancement
On the following campaign injury table I managed to roll 100 on the d100 roll - bloody hell my inspector had died. As the rules state two subordinates can be sacrificed in order for the leader to survive and I chose that option. Lady Luck certainly wasn't paying me any attention today.
Since the game had ended with one thrall on Down, Chris also rolled and got Captured by the Enemy. Since we had already decided that we had time for another game, Chris chose that we should play the Rescue option of the Prisoner scenario. Quite thematic in my mind, a thrall having been captured by the peelers with the nosferatu trying to get him back. Good stuff.

Continuing Chris went to the pawn broker and sold some equipment, before paying 20 shillings to roll once on the Skill list for his graf and once on the Attribute Improvement table for his guardian. He got Bat Form for his graf and 1 up on his Bravado for his guardian.

Chris bought some new equipment for his guardian and a thrall and spend another 5 shillings purchasing an influence.

Having only an inspector, sergeant and two constables left I decided to invest my shillings on a new constable and equipment for him.

During the after game campaign advancement my newish faction sheet proved to be quite useful as it provided a good overview. The game itself had been too short to really give of any impression of the scenario, but we both agreed that in the future the markers should also be 8" away from any table edge or perhaps a minimum distance from the center of the table. This should prevent the scenario from being to short, which is disappointing.

Next up, the nosferatu try to rescue the thrall from the peelers.


  1. Dice where against you never mind. Where are some of the Thralls from? Was wondering where the figure in the third pic down came from. The one standing on the bridge with pistol and knife?

  2. He is part of the wolfen jaegers pack from Westwind's Vampire Wars. The mini you mentioned never had a left hand, so I glued a hand holding a big knife on to him.

    1. Cheers I recognize him now. From the rear and with that knife it makes quite a difference. they are on my list to get I quite like the hound masters as well.

    2. I would like the hound masters too, just not quite sure about the rules for them. The hounds themselves are pretty straightforward, but the masters stand there without any weapons holding the hounds back in a chain. IF they are to function as two separate models then the masters are not really that great looking with only a chain.