Thursday, July 4, 2013

Empire of the Dead - back in the fold

I'm easily swayed from one game to another, this I have known for a few years now. Today it happened again. 

A friend of mine surprised me in the morning - he had just returned from a business trip to England and  had come across the Empire of the Dead rulebook, he thought of me and bought it for me!

Empire of the Dead - by Westwind

So I have spent the entire day reading through the book and found myself slowly but surely coming back into the fold of the game again. The book has so much atmosphere that I wanted to make an order for the miniatures right away. Money this month is low once again, so that did not happen. Most of the things that I thought were a bit odd in the Quick Start rules were explained in detail. 

While I was very impressed with In Her Majesty's Name, the thing that swayed me back to Empire of the Dead is the fact that it is Gothic Horror and has vampires and werewolves etc. As I wrote in my review of IHMN steam punk is not really my think, but I thought I could make it more gothic horror - I still think the rules are flexible enough to incorporate gothic horror. However the EotD rules are meant for gothic horror and the rules creates that atmosphere better than IHMN.

Of course I'm still to try the full rules in a game, but I have a very good feeling about them. I'm not ruling out playing IHMN at all, but my focus has switched to EotD again. 

Let me finish this post by thanking Craig Cartmell (one of the authors of IHMN) who kindly put my blog on his official blog for IHMN. 


  1. I'm glad to hear it. You don't need the EotD miniatures to play you can use the miniatures you have as long as everyone playing knows whats what. Many people have bought IHMN figures to specifically use with EotD. But then the West Wind figures are very nice too.

  2. Hear Hear!! Thats cool, I have the IHMN rules but the type of game that is played from the AAR's doesn't scratch the itch. EotD for me is full of the stuff I want to game vampires, Werewolves and some certainly strange and wonderful characters will be arriving net month (fingers crossed)!

  3. (And it sounds like the second book for IHMN will indeed contain vampires and more beasties from the dark corners of the Earth, but no reason to pick and choose!)