Friday, April 19, 2019

SALE: WW2 Germans

Selling my Stalingrad Germans from Great Escape Games (can of course be used for other early-mid war theatres).

The collection consists of the following 52 miniatures (all metal):

HQ: officer + 2 riflemen
Medic: Medic + rifleman
Forward Observer: Observer + rifleman

3 Squads of 9 minis: NCO(smg) + 8 riflemen (2 w/smg)
2 Flamethrower teams
1 Anti-rifle team
1 Sniper team
1 MMG team
1 Medium Mortar team w/spotter
1 Medium Anti-tank gun w/3 crew

All painted to a very good standard and regular minis based on 25mm washers, the rest on plastic bases.

Price: £210 incl. postage worldwide.

1 comment:

  1. A great collection, I am sure someone will snap them up.