Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bolt Action Vietnam - Finished forces

Yesterday evening I finished painting all the minis for my Bolt Action Vietnam project. Not sure whether I have the sufficient amount of minis yet, but some games will surely be able to answer that question.

The minis are all from The Assault Group, and come at a fairly high price. I was therefore somewhat disappointed to find some of the sculpts very crude and lacking in detail - some completly missing their facial features.

The idea behind the forces is that you have your standard BA Reinforced Platoon - an HQ and two infantry squads. Both sides then have a third squad and a veteran squad. For the US this is a LRRP squad and for the Viet Cong it is a hardcore NVA squad. Rules wise the VC will have a lot of benefits that fit their guerilla fighting style - like running through the jungle, booby traps and other options for ambush. The US rely on firepower and will therefore have both the Huey helicopter at their disposal but will also be able to call in two airstrikes compared to the normal one.

As is the case with all homebrewed rules some playtesting is needed. The Bolt Action Vietnam Facebook is a great place to see what other people are doing and they have a ruleset free to download. The Full Auto article in a WSS issue about adapting BA to Vietnam is also a very good source.

Anyway onto the minis, with a couple of pictures of the jungle terrain and the Sarissa buildings that will be used with the game.

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