Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dracula's America - Buildings done

With the buildings for my Dracula's America board finished I started the painting of them and adding a few finishing touches.

The older buildings were given a few dry brushes to make them appear more worn, and to make them fit better with the new ones.

The really is nothing to the painting except gradually building up the highlight with 3-4 dry brushing layers.

The Livery Stables and the Blacksmith is of course without floor, so I went for a sandy base and added some cut off doormat hairs for hay and straw. For both buildings I also added some small boxes for the horses to be placed.

The Saloon and the Hotel I asked my fiancee for help. She does all sorts of paper hobby work in the evening, when I am working on terrain or painting. This means she has a huge number of different papers with all kinds of patterns on. So with her help I selected to sets, cut them in the sizes needed and glued them onto the inside walls. The effect is great.

All the building signs are card board cut-outs that my fiancee once again provided and they look so much better than what I can paint in free hand.

Anyway here is a large number of photos I took yesterday, so you can judge for yourself.

Next up is a large number of small scatter terrain - cacti, crates, boxes etc.


  1. Brilliant stuff. It all looks very clear and playable.

  2. Look great! Now to await your first game using it!

  3. Awesome. The Hotel is my favorite.