Sunday, September 25, 2016

FOR SALE! - Indian Mutiny collection


After some thinking over the last couple of days I have come to the decision to sell my Indian Mutiny collection. I want to continue playing Sharp Practice but with smaller skirmish units, which is not what the Indian Mutiny is best suited for IMO.

The minis are all from Iron Duke Miniatures and Mutineer Miniatures, and based on 25mm plastic bases. They are all individually based and have been used only three times for Sharp Practice. This is all you need in order to play Indian Mutiny with the Sharp Practice rules, but they will usable for The Men Who Would Be Kings rules as well.

In total there are 142 minis (86 Mutineers/Rebels and 56 British/HEIC) and 2 artillery pieces - I am looking to get £4 for each mini and £6 for each artillery, which amount to £580. £500 for all minis and artillery

On top of this I have the Engineers Wagon, Ammo Wagon, and a Water Cart, which I am looking to get £25 for.

Then there are 4 deployment point markers, which is another £25.

Both the wagons and deployment point markers do not have to be part of any deal.

Shipment within the EU and for the UK will be £60.

Let me know if you're interested in the comments below and please provide a way for me to contact you back.

Here are some images of the collection:


All Rebel units

 Two units of Well-Ordered Sepoys and Leader

Three units of Sepoy Rabble, two Leaders and musician

One unit of Badmashes with Big Choppers and Leader

One unit of Badmashes with Big Choppers and Leader

One unit of Sepoy Artillery and Leader

Two units of Sepoy Skirmishers and Leader


All British/HEIC units

 Three units of Regular Army, Leader and musician

One unit of Gurkhas and Leader

One unit of Loyal Native Infantry and Leader

One unit of Civilian Volunteers and Leader
One unit of British Artillery and Leader

Deployment markers and wagons


  1. It looks fab laid out. Good luck with the sale.

  2. Best of luck with the sale, I hope that my collection looks this good one day.

    1. Thans Michael. With your painting skills it will look better I'm sure.

  3. A great collection. The Mutiny is growing in popularity, so I'm sure you'll get a happy customer for them soon.

  4. Wow, Kaspar you're becoming more of a paint & sell kind hobbyist. Others take commissions before they paint, but I guess it works like this as well... I'm slighty tempted...