Friday, May 6, 2016

SALE: Foundry Darkest Africa

Update: Sold

After some thinking about which projects I really want to do and focus on, I have decided to sell of my newly painted and never used collection of Foundry Darkest Africa minis. They are excellent sculpts and well worth their reputation.

Each mini is based on a 25mm Renedra plastic base, and have been painted to a very good standard.

All in all the collection is 84 minis with focus being on a Force Publique and Arab Slaver force.

The collection consists of the following sets:

  • Azande Warriors 2 - DA103
  • Zanzibari Characters - DA041
  • Zanzibaris Firing - DA127
  • Zanzibaris: Armed & Dangerous - DA042
  • Askari Characters - DA014
  • Askari Advance! - DA024
  • Bearers - DA021
  • Dastardly Belgian Officers - DA033
  • Askari - DA034
  • Askari with Sashes - DA035
I am looking to get £360 for the entire collection. Postage within the EU will be £35.

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck with the sale, they look tremendous.