Saturday, May 9, 2015

3rd and 4th game

Last week I had two games of 1812 - Retreat from Moscow. One was once again with Michael and the other was with my friend Chris, who is not into historical wargaming at all.

I forgot to take pictures for both games, but both games went well. I lost once again to Michael while Chris and I played a draw. The difference from the previous games was that this time I had stragglers to protect, this meant a debut on the gaming table for my lastest packs of Perry Frenchmen. For me the stragglers mean that there are more wonderful minis on the table. Surprisingly this is why Chris will probarbly not play this game again. He finds it too overwhelming with so many miniatures - he is used to playing single mini skirmish games, but it was nice of him to give the game a chance.

The second difference is that I think we have finally nailed the rules. After both games we did not feel like there was anything that needed changing.

For furture games I think I will have to buy some cannons which I believe will add another dimension to the game.

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  1. Perry have Russian Dragoons. Are they in the rules?

    John C