Monday, March 17, 2014

Empire of the Dead - Individual stat cards and faction card

One of the things that I love about Malifaux is the neat little stat card you have for each of your crews members. It gives an easy overview and with the 2nd edition all the information you need about the abilities of that model is on the card.

So this weekend I decided that I would try and create a something similar for Empire of the Dead. With this card you would have both the stats for the model and for his weapons. For campaign play you would also be able to write down injuries and other notes.

Update 19th March
I realised that you would still need somewhere to write down your factions standing, treasure, influences and general notes, so I created a second card.

I also realised that I had completly forgotten to make space for Skills/Arcane Powers on the individual stat cards. This has now been added.

Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to be anything else but an EotD fan's hobby project. The Empire of the Dead logo is the property of Westwind Productions and have here been used without permission. Should any formal complaint arrive from Westwind I will take down the PDF immediately.

(The PDF has four pages so that you can fit 4 cards onto a sheet of A4)

Empire of the Dead - faction stat card (PDF)


  1. Awesome thanks for these great idea!. You can get perhaps get these printed off as a deck of card all the same you'd get 54. I'm sure you can get wipe off ones was well!

    1. A friend did these for ATZ.

    2. Thanks Simon :-)
      I think that the cards are a bit to big for the size of normal playing cards, but it's a good idea.
      Feel free to download the PDF and use it as well