Wednesday, August 8, 2018

American Civil War - Armies for sale

I have been busy painting and it has therefore been a long time since I last posted.

I have two armies for the American Civil War that I am putting up for sale. These are freshly painted to a very good/high tabletop standard.

The minis are all Perry plastics from their different sets. Each army is identical, with the exception that the CSA has one more officer.

The armies have been made and based with Sharp Practice in mind, but can of course be used for other games. All minis are individually based on 25mm washers for infantry and 20x45mm for cavalry.

Each army consists of the following (for Sharp Practice):

  • 4 officers (1 is mounted) (CSA has 5 officers with 1 mounted)
  • 5 groups of 8 infantry
  • 2 groups of 6 skirmishers
  • 1 group of 8 cavalry
  • 1 artillery with 5 crew and 1 officer
  • 1 musician
  • 1 colours bearer

Total US army: 63 infantry + 9 cavalry
Total CS army: 64 infantry + 9 cavalry

I am looking to get £600 for both armies. Postage within the EU depends on the total weight, but if I can keep it under 2kg then it is £15. Otherwise it will be £35.

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