Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Death in the Dark Continent: Mahdists force ready

The end of the weekend saw me finish the last bases for my Mahdist force for Death in the Dark Continent. These were the Ansar Skirmishers. A mix of traditional weapons and firearms.

Together with the Beja Warriors and Jihadiyya Soldiers I have more than enough bases for 300 pts. But this gives me some options.

In total there are 102 figures, which is divided into the following:

Beja Warriors - 12 bases
Jihadiyya Soldiers - 9 bases
Ansar Skirmishers - 18 bases
Chief - 1 base

It has taken me roughly three weeks to complete these and despite the rapid painting I am very pleased with the results. Next up is their opponent the Brits.

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