Friday, April 1, 2016

A lot of interesting things on the horizon

A few weeks since a post that was not about selling minis, but I have not been totally inactive. My youngest daughter christening and the preparations have taken some time though.

I have been hit by the big wargamers curse that is "ohh shiny...!", so right now I am trying to fend of interest in several projects, but so far not having too much luck.

Colonial - North West Frontier
My colonial North West Frontier project is still ticking a long slowly. My friend Frank is still painting his Pathans, while I have started work on some mountainous terrain - which is actually looking quite good. Shall have some pictures of the results within a few weeks.

Colonial - Darkest Africa
I have been inspired by the work of fellow blogger Happy Wanderer ( and his work on adapting the Muskets and Tomahawks rules for Darkest Africa. The inspiration has resulted in me buying two forces Force Publique and Arab Slavers that I should get shortly and which I am looking forward to painting,. This will very much be a hobby project of my own, as I fear none of my friends will be that eager to play. Been reading a lot about this conflicted period of time, and it really is interesting and traumatic at the same time.

Blood Eagle
The Viking skirmish rules Blood Eagle was released ahead of time and I received the rule book this week. As a Dane the Viking Age has always fascinated me and the rules that Charles and Craig have put together are simple and are easy to get the hang of. I don't have anything for this project yet in terms of minis and terrain, and I am unsure whether to take the plunge because of the news below.

The Chicago Way
This week I found out about Great Escape Games new gangster skirmish game The Chicago Way due to be released at Salute. I have looked at Pulp Alley before for rules in which to run gangster games, but with both rules and miniatures becoming available I am very very tempted. The fact that my friend Chris is showing an interest is also a major factor. We are the best of friends and while both of us enjoy Empire of the Dead, I have been on the lookout for a project that both of us will invest in.

So a lot of games that have turned my head. I think that Blood Eagle might be the one to miss out, since I still play Empire of the Dead and Broken Legions - basically too many games and too little time.

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  1. Congo and The Men Who Would Be King on one side, Blood Eagle and SAGA Age of the Wolf on the other...and then for me Dragon Rampant and Open Combat are also proving to be shiny new distractions!