Friday, July 17, 2015

Mutatawwi'a warband

In May I sold all my Malifaux stuff and with the money almost burning a hole in my pocket I decided that now was the time to get into SAGA The Crescent and the Cross. I have been looking at both the Dark Ages variant and later C&C when it came out in 2014, but had managed to restrain myself.

Not really knowing anything about how the factions play I went out and bought minis for factions based on how the miniatures for that faction looked. This meant that I would be getting a Mutatawwi'a and Milities Christi warband. The miniatures in the images below are all from Gripping Beast - excellent miniatures, though I was surprised that their metal figures had no hole on the miniature to hold the spear, so I had to do a bit of drilling.

With the miniatures I would be able to field 5 Warrior units and 4 Hearthguard units.

I had not done any painting of the miniatures until mid June as we also had the small task of moving to a new flat. Anyway I decided that I would start with the Mutatawwi'a warband. I early on felt that they would be the assassins branch and black would therefore be the main colour.

The Fanatics (Hearthguards) of the warband would be a bit more flamboyant in their colours but would still retain a black base colour. The Chosen Ones (Warriors) would be all black.

Here are the results of the past months work. I still need to add a few small rocks to the bases and spray the miniatures with a matt varnish but otherwise they are done.


  1. That's an impressive force you have mustered there.

  2. Very nice they look great mate. I imagine its for people to chose there own type of spears if they so wish.

  3. you have done a great job...I painted a number of my Saracens back - only cos it saved time

  4. Look nice. Gives me some ideas for when I do mine.